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RG Check is an accreditation program created by the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) based on its Responsible Gambling Standards for gaming venues and for Internet gambling sites. The program offers gaming companies the opportunity of an independent assessment of the quality of their responsible gambling safety net.

The Standards provide objective and independent benchmarks for the content, quality, and breadth of responsible gambling (RG) programs delivered by gambling providers. They represent RGC’s view of the gold standard of efforts by gaming providers to reduce the risk of problem gambling among players.

The RG Check accreditation program offers gambling providers an objective means of assessing their RG initiatives. The program promotes a high standard of customer protection by supporting the adoption of meaningful responsible gambling initiatives by gambling providers.

To explore the specifics of the accreditation program, choose:

RG Check for Gaming Venues

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The RG Check program is administered through an independent corporation by the Responsible Gambling Council. Read more about RGC.