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About RG Check

Based on a comprehensive set of responsible gambling (RG) standards, RG Check is the most rigorous RG accreditation program in the world.

The program was developed by the Responsible Gambling Council, an independent non-profit organization, in consultation with a broad set of stakeholders from policy makers to gaming providers, from players to people who have experienced gambling problems.  

RG Check is designed to meet or exceed all existing responsible gambling regulatory requirements, and provide a concrete roadmap for implementing broadly stated industry RG codes of practice.

RG Check accreditation is effective for a three-year period, at which point operators may apply for reaccreditation. All accreditations are approved by a prestigious and independent panel of responsible gambling specialists.

RG Check helps to create a continuous improvement mindset among our team, as we look to where we can have the biggest impact in supporting the needs of our players.

Kahlil Philander Director of Social Responsibility, BCLC